Just what I didn't want for Christmas

I love the classic Charles Dickens tale "A Christmas Carol", and I also like watching the many and various versions that have been turned in to films. Particular favourites are Alistair Sim's classic version in Black and White (not the awful coloured in version Channel Five insist on showing) and I even like the Muppets Chistmas Carol. However, I am less than enamoured at the new version of the tale planned.

Apparently Walt Disney (oh dear !) are to remake the story using lots of computer effects, which are barely needed for a tale of this sort, and the film will star the awful Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey is, for me, the archetypal "over actor", who fills each pause with a stupid face or a silly grin, assuming this is what he public want. He occasionally produces a performance that can surprise you with its quality , but will then follow it up with a film of such utter banality that it makes you wonder if his good performances are more down to the directors and co-stars.

No doubt the new version of "A Christmas Carol" will feature manic faces, silly garbled speech, American accents (argghhh !) and will bare only a passing resemblance to the original story.

Ready for Christmas 2008, it is a film to be avoided, I fear.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Disney had already done one version of the Christmas Carol.