Praise the lord for enthusiasts

In any area of life, we inevitably rely on volunteers and enthusiasts to do things that we might hope the government could do, if only they had the money. Be it locally in Norfolk where a Charity has been set up to run the Cottage Hospital in Wells, or local history societies who do so much to raise the profile of towns and keep their history alive.

So I take my hat of to the volunteers who have raised £6.5 million and given up so much time to fully restore an Avro Vulcan Bomber to full flying specification.

I saw one of the Vulcan's fly in to Norwich Airport as a teenager when the government were selling them off as museum pieces for £5ooo a time, and it was an awesome spectacle. It was one I never thought I would see again, but thanks to the preservation group, others will be able to share that experience now.

No doubt environmentalists will complain about the carbon footprint, but personally, in this case, I don't really care. Sorry.

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