The fatal blow to Barack Obama's presidential hopes

The news that Barack Obama is a relation of Dick Cheney's must have gone down like a lead balloon in the Obama household.

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Anonymous said...

The Panorama report was interesting. But I was surprised to learn that Obama doesent seem to be having much luck in getting maximum black support, preferring to stand for America rather than Blacks or Whites. This may hurt him.
Is it concievable that William Jeferson Clinton and Wife may once again canoodle in Lincolns bed.

Oh Nick, Re: Leadership Election, Anne McElvoy wrote an interesting column (whole page) in last night's London Evening Standard.
She said about Nick Clegg, 'Pin-up moderniser, telegenetic appeal, fluency and strong reformist instincts would make Nick Clegg an attractive choice.'
Whilst also adding that the Party would be mad not to choose him.
I agree.