New opinion polls show smaller Labour lead

Tomorrow's polls will make for tough reading in 10 Downing Street, but crucially they still all show a Labour lead in a week of almost wall to wall Tory press stories.

An ICM poll for the Guardian showed Labour's lead slashed to just one point, down seven points from last month. Labour are on 39 percent with the Conservatives on 38. A Populus poll for the Times has Labour's lead tightening to three points, with Labour on 39 points and the Tories on 36. Whilst a YouGov poll for Channel 4 television shows Labour's lead slipping to four points from 11 points. Labour was on 40 percent to the Conservatives' 36.

Again, no reports I saw listed Lib Dem percentages as yet. But for all those who get excited about "Lib Dem whipeouts", going in to the 2001 election the Lib Dems were on just 13 % in the polls.

Whilst the drop in labour's lead will hearten the Tories, a fortnight of government announcements, a big giveaway promised in the Comprehensive Spending Review and further "spin" from Gordon Brown could see Labour's lead open up again.

We will see.

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Antony said...

The LibDem vote shares are in and they are low again. Ming is in serious trouble, especially if there is no election.