Minister for students - Another daft idea ?

If I were a student still, and I have been a student under "New Labour", given the extra-ordinary debts students now have, Labour's broken promises when they pledged that they would introduce legislation to "prevent tuition fees", and subsequently introduced them, I would take little solice from Labour appointing a Minister for Students.

If Ministers actually worked in the interests of those they are supposed to represent, then it my be a cause for some joy, but anyone who has any experience of this Labour government knows that Minister's are there to make cuts in the right places, make excuses for the government's foul ups, find statistics to justify their decisions and avoid answering real questions. Far from being advocates who argue on behalf of groups, Labour Ministers act more like Second World War German Soldiers in the occupied Soviet Union "just following orders".

So if I were a student, the fact that the government has now appointed a Minister for students would be no reason for a party.

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