The first thing to put me off Chris Huhne

The news that Charles Kennedy's old team are backing Chris Huhne has been used by some as a rallying cry for other to back Chris Huhne's leadership campaign. However, I am not so sure.

As I understand it from books, articles ,various newpaper reports and having spoken to people with some knowledge of the issue, some in Kennedy's team when he was leader have to share some responsibility for keeping his alcoholism under wraps. But in doing so, there was a deep problem in the Kennedy camp. The reason why many Lib Dem MP's felt it was time to speak out against Charles Kennedy was the deeply secretive nature of his office, the attempts to cover up the extent and impact his alcoholism was having on him and the party and a real failure to get Charles to confront it and make difficult decisions. As a result, there appeared to be a sense that his office and his team were actually not helping Charles or the Party.

I've been really impressed with Chris Huhne so far, and although I remain undecided, I feel Chris has made the best start of the leading two candidates. However, I always say that you can judge someone by the company they keep. I am not sure I would want to see out leader cossetted, protected and isolated from the truth or the realities of a situation as it appears was the case when Charles Kennedy was in power and his team "protected him" at all costs. However admirable their devotion and loyalty, good friends confront problems, and don't shy away from them.


Anonymous said...

As a Liberal Democrat I would hope you would make your mind up on policy issues. This post comes close to a smear.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I like Chris and I like what he has to say so far (apart from on the EU reform treaty). However, this does genuinely lead me to ask questions because with little between Chris and Nick in terms of policy, it will come down to other factors as to how I and others will vote.

As for what I said, I did link to some sources and those involved are quoted in the articles.

Anonymous said...

You have zero choice on the reform treaty. Clegg came out as against a referendum last night, I'm afraid.

Iain Dale said...

"some in Kennedy's team when he was leader have to share some responsibility for keeping his alcoholism under wraps."

Like Norman, you mean? :)

Norfolk Blogger said...

If Normanhad kept quiet, helped keep Kennedy's addiction a secret when others were saying there eas a problem , then yes. but Norman received plenty of criticism for speaking out, being honest and had the guts to put the party first, for which he should be congratulated.