I now await the sceptics

As soon as I saw this story on the BBC website, I assumed that within days there would be a load of Tories denying it, claiming instead that it was a conspiracy theory, there is no scientific proof of obesity and it might be due to sun spots and solar activity instead.


Tristan said...

Oh you mean obesity and climate change are two over hyped problems which people use to justify massive government intrusion in our lives.

They are similar aren't they?

There are very few people who claim that climate change is not happening, what some sensible people do is question whether the panic is reasonable or helpful - they tend to be supported by scientific evidence like the IPCC.

Norfolk Blogger said...

This post was tongue in cheek. I am sorry you were unable to take it that way.

jmb said...

I liked your explanation better. Being due to sun spots, etc makes it not my fault!
I did think the article was a bit over the top however.