Yes, but what were you doing for the last 10 years Gordon ?

When listening to Gordon Brown's speech earlier, you might as a foreigner or an alien who had just come to this planet find it very difficult to disagree with much of what he said. But for those of us who have lived through the New Labour project, the constant voice I heard in my own head was "But why didn't you do this ten years ago ?"

It is all well and good for Gordon to speak about his childhood and smile his way through praise of the NHS and its staff, but why weren't funds given by the treasury to do a "deep clean" of hospitals to eradicate MRSA before ? Why didn't funding get put in place for the police to deal with knife and gun crime five years ago ?

At other points in his speech, again Gordon Brown made good points, but I found myself failing to believe his words, again because of his track record. Gordon Brown promised £15bn for British universities, the NHS and drugs companies to invest in new cures for the main ailments of the world. Great, but hasn't Gordon Brown got a history of announcing, re announcing then renaming funds that have already been allocated so as to make them sound as if they are new funds ? I just can't believe that this is £15bn of new money.

However, despite this, I guess his speech will go down well with the masses. He made no gaffes, came across as humble and certainly has something that Cameron hasn't got, and that is that he does not seem as if he would do anything to get elected. I am sure he would, but at the moment Brown, for all of his faults and track record, has more believability with the electorate.

At the moment you would have to say that he'd be a fool not to go for an election now before the gloss wears away like it has for "Call me Dave" Cameron. But who knows ?

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transfattyacid said...

I agree with you, this government has failed to deliver on all of it's objectives and survives on a diet of spin and false targets.