Vince Cable brilliantly explains why Brown's plans for a "broad tent" are flawed

Vince Cable told a fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference why he believed that Lib Dems working with Gordon Brown's Labour Party was not a good idea,

Mr Cable said: "I am concerned about what I would regard as big tentism - this attempt to get everybody into the same fold.
"I think it is an attempt to create - in the nicest possible way - a one-party state."
He likened Mr Brown to Jomo Kenyatta, former president of Kenya, for whom he once worked and who engaged in big tent politics.
"It was about sucking out of opposition parties any potential source of dissent - giving them a role; giving them a state regardless of colour or tribe or ideology," he said.
"It was superficially very attractive but ultimately it is dangerous because it destroys constructive opposition and we are very concerned about it for that reason."

Brilliantly put Vince.

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