Who checks that the National Numeracy Strategy is accurate ?

The government are keen to impose things on schools centrally, and some of these things are good and work well, whilst others don't.

One of the biggest problems I have is with the National Numeracy Strategy. I have no problem with teaching it or with the ideas behind it, but I do worry about the resources that are provided.

For example, one "resource" for display on a projector shows a 100 number grid with the numbers from one to one hundred displayed, but the only problem is that 37 is displayed twice and 38 is not displayed at all. Whilst I have shown below a resource from plans I have used this week. It involves getting children to know their number bonds up to 20 (for example 7 +13 or 2 + 18). So the National Numeracy Strategy kindly provide the resource below, which requires dots to be covered, and children asked to state how many are shown (with the total adding up to 20).

So why are there 25 spots on a grid entitled "20 spots ?".

It really is a problem when teachers have to check government resources for errors.

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