Sony systems set to fail

With the price of the rival HD-DVD units less than one half of the price of Sony's Blu-Ray High Definition DVD systems and HD-DVD outselling Blu_ray by three to one in the US, the system, although technologically probably more advanced than HD-DVD is starting to look like a format already.

But with Playstation 3, the games system with a built in Blu-ray player, failing to sell anywhere near the numbers that Sony had hoped and with the latest US sales figures showing that 404,000 Nintendo Wii's were sold last month, 277,000 of Microsoft's XBox 360's but only 131,000 Playstation 3's sold, it looks as if Sony have done the improbable again. Remember than Sony brought us Mini Disk and Betamax, both great systems that flopped. It looks like they've managed to repeat the trick with Blu-Ray and PS3.


Dave H said...

If you want to see how a new technology will profit you just have to "follow the porn" Sony's decision not to allow xxx sex films on their system doomed it from the start. :-D

Norfolk Blogger said...

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Starls wrote, Ah yes, my current favourite subject. The PS3 is indeed becoming a massive failure. All the 'just you wait' games that the Sony execs promised would show off the power of the PS3 are failing to deliver. The Xbox is fast becoming the developer platform of choice due to it's easier programming platform that enables games to be produced for both it and the PC market and then struggling to convert to PS3 versions that are troubled by graphical and frame rate issues. Sony developers are fast jumping ship with promised 'exclusives' such as Devil May Cry and unless something changes I bet the other jewel in sony's crown, Metal Gear Solid, will end up being released on Xbox 360 aswell. And let's not forget, the Xbox 360 itself isn't even considered to be a runaway success (especially in Japan).

Of course, the Wii is currently reining supreme. Anecdotally, just this evening we had 2 Wii's set up in the office for after hours Bowling, with drinks and nibbles to boot. Who needs the real thing? :-)

I couldn't see such antics, happening in an office on any of the other platforms. It really was a brilliant display of how the Wii has created games accessible to all that are as much fun to watch as to play