What a glorious history the French army has (not)

Mass desertions in 1917, a complete collapse in 1940, attempts to form a breakaway state in Algeria in the 1960's, to be honest, the French army has a history in the last 100 years that can hardly be matched. However, the latest report on the French army and their active involvement in Rwanda 13 years ago makes everything that the French army have done before pale in to insignificance.

The report claims that the French army were involved in the mass rape of Tutsi women in Rwanda and actively armed, planned and trained those Hutu groups who set about the mass genocide of Tutsi people.

The French are a proud nation. Sometimes though you have to come down off your high horse and accept that your have done wrong. the evidence is that France accepts no responsibility for its abuses in Rwanda, indeed since the end of the civil war there the French have removed virtually all financial support from the country with Britain now acting as Rwanda's largest financial contributor.

French arrogance is no excuse for letting rapists and murderers exist in the French army.


Anonymous said...

Britain has no right to be proud of their contributions in Rwanda. During the genocide they did nothing and continue to do nothing in African conflicts. The French remain the only Western power willing to undertake peacekeeping operations in Africa. It was French intervention that stopped the first Rwanden civil war and it is foolish to acuse them of starting or causing the genocide. While a small UN force lead by the great Canadian hero General Dallard (a French-Canadian) saved 32 000 people the British actively obtructed the effort to send more soldiers to the country. More soldiers would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Before you slander the French maybe you should examine you own country's history.

Norfolk Blogger said...

So desperate are you to claim French glory that you have to claim a French Canadian as your source of French glory.

Let's be quite clear, you are proud of the French actions in Rwanda, even after it has been proved that they amred and trained and helped in the genocide of Tutsis.

Whatever does that say about you.

As for saying the French are the only European country to intervene in Africa, you show massive ignorance. Perhaps I should refer you to the recent history of Sierra Leaone, where UK forces are still training the army.

Shocking ignorance on your part.