The Tories always scream the word "bias" at the BBC

The Tories are obsessed with labelling the BBC as "a bunch of lefties" or "institutionally biased against the Tories". Just check out any number of Tory blogs and they will come up with this Tory at least once a week. So what about when it is biased in their favour ?

The story on the BBC website yesterday about the TV debate that Gordon Brown has refused to do has as its opening paragraph

"Conservative leader David Cameron has written to Gordon Brown to ask him to "re-consider" his decision not to take part in a televised debate. "

Of course, if you read further dawn the story you will read that Ming Campbell asked some months ago that Brown do a TV debate. Of course, the BBC are not interested in this Tory, only the Cameron angle. Perhaps the Tories should have a week of getting the treatment the Lib Dems get from the press and they would soon appreciate what they have got.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the story about a debate between two men who might be the next Prime Minister.

Who'd want to debate with Ming who stands no chance of winning any power etc etc?

Norfolk Blogger said...

And given the closeness of the polls, the potential "King Maker" should surely be involved ?

Tristan said...

The BBC does have biases.
It is inevitable and it should not pretend to be completely neutral.

Whether there's a systematic anti-Tory bias I don't know - I don't think there is a large one if there is, its more a bias of ideas and viewpoints.

Privatise the damn thing and be done with it.