The Restaurant - A quality reality TV show

Let's face it, reality TV has a bad press these days.

Big Brother and the plethora of cheap copycat derivatives on ITV of various BBC shows has given the genre something of a bad name. So it is very refreshing to watch The Restaurant on BBC2 .

It seems to have the same high production values of The Apprentice, an Apprentice like catchphrase, with "your fired" being replaced by "I'm closing your restaurant down", some really irritating contestants as well as some you instantly take to and its own soundtrack and unique quirky incidental music. In general The Restaurant has the feel of an interesting and quality show. Raymond Blanc may be no Alan Sugar, but he gives the show gravitas and sets tasks for the contestants that really work.

Friends of our actual took part in what turned out to be a pilot episode for the show when they ran a restaurant for a weekend, but never made it to the final show, and that was more than a year ago so it shows the amount of time the BBC have taken in making sure the show works.

Well done to the BBC.

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ng51online said...

The Restaurant is a fantastic show, I absolutely love the format and what’s strange is that I discovered the twins (Laura & Jessica) from Green and Brown’s restaurant on this promotional staff website, http://www.freshagents.co.uk/Promo/List.aspx?nav=42&type=3&gender=2

So perhaps they can come and cook in our family kitchen when they win!