Lord preserve us from Lee Probert

After witnessing referee Lee Probert serve up possibly the most inept displays of refereeing last year, I was surprised but slightly relieved to see that he had been promoted to the Premier League list of refs. However, after only a few games and a number of Premier League howlers Lee Probert is back at Carrow road this afternoon.
Already a terrible refereeing mistake has led Crystal Palace nearly scoring and we have only been going two minutes. Lord preserve us from the awful Lee Probert.
Update : What can i say about the refereeing display in hindsight ? Lee Probert is a referee obsessed with his whistle. At one point he raised his whist to his mouth three times in 10 seconds, but each time the players played on, not a fuss, not a dive, not a hint of them feeling they had been fouled. In the end, he blew his whistle for something nobody on the pitch saw, and the overwhelming feeling was that he blew it just so he could feel important. Lee Probert comes very much from the "if someone falls over they must have been fouled" school of refereeing, which any player, even at a Sunday morning pub league level (like myself) knows to be utter rubbish, which by strange coincidence, was the best way I could describe Lee Probert's performance today.
The booking of a Norwich player for celebrating his first ever goal for the club summed up Lee Probert's game. Heaven preserve us from players showing passion Mr Probert.

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