Asda's bias against babies

Norwich's Asda store has recently halved the number of parking spaces for people with young children. Yet they have kept the exrtaordianry amount of always empty disabled parking spots.

What has Asda got against people with children shopping there ?

In future I will do my major shopping at Sainsbury's in Costessey who have plenty parking spaces for people with prams and pushchairs.

P.S. And on a separate note, why do Asda and Sainsbury's own brand vinegars come in identical bottles (I know, they are bottled by the same company) but Asda's comes without a pourer in the top. Presumably that is so Asda can save the 0.1 pence that it costs to manufacture this. Asda really is the pits.


Gavin said...

I'm forced to conclude that this blog posting is a brilliant piece of satire? Hope so..

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'd love to say I was being witty, but instead I am just a father with a young shild somewhat annoyed that for years I have wanted to park in the soaces for parents with pushchairs only to be denied by Asda as soon as I have a child.