Biased BBC reporting undermines Lib Dem success

The odd headline showed above is the way the BBC reported that the Lib Dems got three stars for the party's environmental policies in the Green Standard report.

So let's get this right, the BBC are equating the Lib Dems three stars, and if you read the repot, they are issued on a trafffic light system of red, amber and green, which gets you a star, with the zero stars that the Tories got. Indeed, in only one are did the Lib Dems even receive a red light, with three green lights indicating the three stars) and two amber.

If somebody with an ounce of fairness was righting the BBC headline they would have acknowledged that the Lib Dems three out of six is eqaul to a half and is also 50% more than the Tories 0%.


Andy said...

er.. well.. you could call it infinitely more than the Tories score. After all, any amount is infinitely larger than nothing!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Note this 'report' came a day BEFORE the Quality of Life Group launched its suggestions.