Time for Cristiano Ronaldo to grow up ?

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United footballer banned for three matches for "butting" another player feels his three match ban is "unjust".

He says " I am willing to resist the provocation - but only up to a limit!"

This would, for all those who don't remember, be the same Ronaldo who provoked his club team mate Wayne Rooney in to reacting in the World Cup quarter final, ensuring England were reduced to ten men and therefore helping his team (Portugal) to go through to the semi finals.

I think we can all accept as football fans and as Sunday morning footballers that we are sometimes provoked. In the same way though, I can also accept that sometimes I have "provoked" other people, and when it happens to me, I have to accept it and grow up. It is a shame that a molly coddled professional footballer on £50,000 a week cannot accept what he has done and grow up.

He has the ability to let his feet do the talking. My only fear is that the game he will return for is against Everton. Just my luck !

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