Another great reason to be agnostic

The Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia has grabbed his 15 minutes of fame and decided to resign from Amnesty International because Amnesty support a campaign to decriminalise abortion where the mother's life is in danger.

What a brave man Michael Evans is. A man, celibate man one presumes, knowing that he will never have to face the danger of being made pregnant by a rapist or have his life put in danger because of pregnancy. Knowing this will never happen to him, he presumes to tell others what they should do. A real "do as I say, not as I do" man.

It is not as if Amnesty International are calling for the wide scale legalisation of abortions, all they ask is that it be decriminalised in certain very specific cases. Why does Michael Evans believe it is right for a woman to be made a criminal simply for trying to save her own life ?

Is it any wonder that more and more people have a complete lack of faith in religious people telling us how to live our lives.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Amnesty International now endorses the killing of unborn babies speaks volumes about people who believe in "free speech".

Norfolk Blogger said...

The fact that the Roman Catholic Church would rather a mother dies than have the right to an abortion speaks equally loudly.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

No, it wouldn't, Nich. The Church is against social abortions. You have to remember that only a tiny numbers of abortions (1%?) are carried out where the mother's life is actually at risk.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, that is my point exactly, Amnesty are calling for the deciminalisation in this 1% only.

Roman Catholic zealots see this and say "Oh they want to legalise it in 100% of cases". I personally would, but that is not what Amnesty are calling for.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Qhy does AI need a policy at all?

Patrick said...

I’m afraid that you are mistaken, NB. In cases of crisis pregnancy, abortion is unlikely to be the preferred medical procedure needed to protect the mother, even in developing world conditions. In cases where pre-eclampsia is jeopardising the life of the mother for example, the most likely action by the doctor is an emergency inducement of the baby in order to reduce the level of blood pressure on the part of the mother. Whilst (depending upon the gestational age), this may result in the forseeable though unintended death of the baby, this operation is vastly different to an abortion in terms of both action and intent.

The notion that abortion is necessary to protect the lives of women is proven false by the fact that Ireland, one of the few EU countries which still retains a pro-life constitution, holds the lowest mortality rate in Europe for pregnant women, ahead of all its ‘civilised’ neighbours with pro-abortion legislation.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for this, Interesting stuff and based on facts and what aI said. Too many people post here seeking to misrepresent what I said.