The Norman Lamb scammer just won't go away

Being on holiday gives me an enormous amount of time to scan my stats and see just who is looking at my blog.

So I was interested today to see that the Norman Lamb scammer is still trolling through my blog, and no doubt the blog of many others, to see just what is being said about him.

The scammer has been hunting through my blog tagging system under the search term "Norman Lamb", and is checking up on further comments to the stories already published about the scam they have organised.

Considering the Eastern Daily Press reported yesterday that the police might be asked to investigate this further if the scammer persists, you'd think they would have more sense than to continue doing what they are doing.


Antony said...

(s)He doesn't go away because you keep giving him/her publicity.

Like all pests, ingnore them and they go away.

Anonymous said...

Good idea antony. Just ignore them Nick. They haven't achieved anything from this. Just wondering is this the URL for the Norman Lamb accountability society I've heard about:


I was just looking over Facebook.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I've allowed this post from anonymous because it shows the stupidy of the scammer. This comment was actually posted by the scammer themselves. My IP tracking software was able to detect it.

How stupid ?