My top ten blogs from across the blogosphere

Iain Dale asked people for their top 20 blogs. However, I am not posting my top 20 here as it will leave some people wondering if they are in the top 20 and will stop people being upset if they are not. So if your blog isn't listed below, you might be in my top 20, but my top ten.

1) http://www.iaindale.blogspot.com/

Agree with him or not, there is always something interesting to read or learn.

2) http://www.paulwalter.blogspot.com/

Incisive, witty, funny, a proper liberal, can't be faulted in any way.

3) http://www.dizzythinks.blogspot.com/

A Tory, but fair, with a real in depth analysis of parliament, edm's, technology and the occasional reference to Everton too !

4) http://www.oxfordliberal.blogspot.com/

Everyone would love their blog to be this good. You read Stephen's blog and want to go out and have a pint with him.

5) http://www.liberalengland.blogspot.com/

A mix of what is funny, analysis and proper commentary. You can dip in and out of this blog easily like a good book.

6) http://mindrobber.blogspot.com/

A really new blog (to me), but I like it. It has a real mix of subjects that are analysed and sometimes torn apart.

7) http://edwardlucas.blogspot.com/

What this man does not know about Russian politics isn't worth knowing. Read this blog and be very scared about Vladimir Putin and Russia. Unbelievably good analysis and very well written.

8) http://this-is-sparta.blogspot.com/

Excellent Welsh Nationalist blog, but fair and informative.

9) http://normalmouth.blogspot.com/

A good Labour blog that is not written by Bob Piper (who is very good too) or Tom Watson. Very fair, partisan but informed. A good read.

10) http://www.hunterandshooter.blogspot.com/

A Tory that is hard to agree with and he does not like Lib Dems. However, Justin Hinchcliffe writes with a passion, is not afraid to criticise his own party, which is refreshing, and he gives an alternative angle on things.

So there. Remember, if I have not listed you, you might be in my 11-20 positions which I am not going to publish for fear of upsetting people (which is what happened when I published all 100 top Lib Dem blogs).


Andy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Nich.

Apart from anything else, it makes it a whole lot easier to find the motivation to keep posting regularly, which I have not been so good at in the past (not a problem you seem to have!).

It is not merely out of politeness that I say in return that your blog is of course one of the best around, and is now an important daily fixture for me, alongside Paul Walter, The Daily Show and Newsnight, which, I can honestly say, are the only things I reliably read/watch every day.

Ordovicius said...

Thank you kindly. Nice to see fellow Welsh blogger Normal Mouth there too.

Paul Walter said...

Again, I am red faced with thanks. To be described as a "proper liberal" by another one, has made my week! Thanks Nich

Anonymous said...

" 6) http://mindrobber.blogspot.com/
A really new blog..."

Is it? The archive reaches back to January 10, 2006.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Thanks, Nich. I am sure that you'll do well...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Okay, I'll add the caveat (to me).