Is it any wonder we are hated in Iraq if this is how we treat our friends

This appalling story of how we are refusing to grant political asylum to 91 interpreters working with the British Army in southern Iraq highlights just how awfully we treat people who put their necks on the line to help us abroad.

When even the Tories, not noted for their kind words on asylum, are saying these people and their families should be let in, surely it shows Gordon Brown up badly.

Is it any wonder so many Iraqis want to shoot at British soldiers when the British government treats its friends so abysmally ?


dizzy said...

Something tells me that insurgent Shia's and/or Sunnis are not thinking "bloody british, look how they treated the traitors" when they shoot.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'm not suggesting the insurgents are attacking us for this reason. What I am saying is that there are enough people who already hate us out there, so why do we give our allies reason to hate us too ?