If Keith Vaz supports it, then I think I should oppose it

I argued earlier this week that we should have a referendum on the EU constitution.

I now see that Keith Vaz also supports the idea.

I now think I should oppose such a plan as if a man as dim as Keith Vaz supports the it then it must be a bad idea.


IanP said...


We need to stay awake to the way that NuLab conducts its business.

If, as rumours seem to suggest this evening (see Dizzy and Iain Dale) that a General Election is in the offing, then it would make sense for Vaz to say publicly that he wants a referendum.

It a. gives the impression that Gordon is listening to his backbenchers by calling an election,
and b. gives Gordon the opportunity to get re-elected without putting the Euro agenda in the manifesto.

We can be sure that if re-elected Gordo will sign up to the European Constitution at the IGC on the 18th Oct saying that he has a mandate from the country.

Smoke and mirrors. We all need to watch events carefully.

Mountjoy said...

Support a referendum because Brown is enemy of democracy who:

1. stopped a Leadership election for the Labour Party, so he did not have the inconvenience of a vote;

2. wouldn't make Harriet Harman, elected as his Deputy Leader, the Deputy PM due to Brown's spite. Nice way to treat a lady;

3. made sure there was no leadership election for the Scottish Labour Party; and

4. may yet be kamikaze enough to announce a 'snap poll' on Tuesday, then watch as his opinion poll "lead" evaporates due to regional variations, differential turnout etc, and he loses scores of Labour MPs; allows the Tories to virtually wipe the Lib Dems out; and probably faces a hung parliament or such like.

That's what Brown gets for his disregard of democracy, and his party's inability to deliver on policy it promised in its manifestoes in '97, '01 and '05 :-)