A word of warning on Lloyds TSB internet banking - DON'T !

I mentioned yesterday about the problem I was having regarding Lloyds TSB bank and their inept policy of not answering phones in their Fraud Departments.

Well for me it gets worse. It appears that the Fraud departments take over 45 minutes to answer phone calls and they lie when they speak to you.

For example, yesterday I waited 45 minutes to speak to someone at Lloyds TSB about the missing money from my account. They said they would cancel my bank card for the moment, as I requested, for fear that my fraud could also be card fraud. When I visited my bank today in person, it turns out my card had not been cancelled at all.

Then the bank informed me that they could do nothing and that I had to deal with their internet fraud department by phone. They said I was welcome to use their phone at the branch. Fifty minutes later I was still in a queue of calls waiting to be answered and the branch itself was beginning to close. When the bank staff member who was helpig me asked how I had got on he was astonished to hear that Lloyds TSB internet Banking Fraud department has not answered my call.

So as I write, nineteen minutes in to my third call to Lloyds TSB in less than 24 hors (of which nearly 2 hours of the 24 has been spent on the phone to them), I still canot speak to anyone in person and I have had more than £3,000 removed from my account.

A simple word of advice for anyone contemplating opening an account with Lloyds TSB or thinking of Internet Banking at all. DON'T !!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nich! I was just reviewing options to stash a small inheritance. Will rethink.

Anonymous said...

Some valid points Nich, but the majority of people who fall victim to online fraud caused the problem themselves by replying to an email scam or not having an anti-virus package on their PC.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read your frustrations Nich. Sometime registering your thoughts through the channel you have difficulty helps. Have you tried emailing them ? Sounds quicker and less stressful than waiting for the phone to be answered.