Why I can't get excited about the Tour de France

A colleague of mine has done to London today to watch the Tour de France meanwhile I am utterly bemused as to why anyone is interested in it at all.

In recent years the Tour de France has been consumed by regular stories of organised drug taking, organised by team bosses and it seems that the sport is reliant upon who ever has taken the newest or best drug. All this on top of the fact that it is just someone riding a bike and past you makes me lack any sense of awe or excitement about it.

I can understand when you go to a Grand Prix that at least you will see the same driver again three minutes later on his next lap, but the Tour de France is for 95% or it a race along roads, no laps, no coming back to the same place again and again, and I cannot see any reason why this is exciting. If it were in a velodrome, then that would be exciting, but it isn't.

I now expect a barrage of abusive comments from people telling me I am wrong, but I cannot conceive of any reason why I would want to go to London today to watch some cycling.


Suz said...

Your are funny but in honesty have to agree with you.

IanP said...

It seems that the European's are closing in, and now feel free to use our land as they please.

Since when has London been part of France anyway.

Perhaps we should hold the London Marathon in Paris and clog their streets up.

Anonymous said...

With a bit of luck, the Europeans might teach us how to use apostrophes.

David Anthony said...

F1 is a bit like Ming's decision making...

Goes around in circles for a while and then ends up just where he started again.