Government must use Britain's veto to stop EU VAT increases

Of course, you have to take anything the Telegraph says about Europe and the EU with a pinch of salt, but if it is true, then Gordon Brown must flex his muscles and use Britain's veto to put a halt to any plan to remove our exemption.

The EU has a rule that the lowest rate that can be charged is 5%, and this is only for essential items. This is restrictive in itself. But which EU bureaucrat, and remember, it will be some bureaucrat, not an elected politician, thinks that it is right to impose a tax on learning and having children.

The fact that books and newspapers are VAT exempt means more are sold, means we are more educated and more aware. Whilst taxing children's clothes would make having children, already a financially burdensome experience anyway, even more difficult.

According to the EU commissioner Laszlo Kovacs, the EU needs this change to "simplify matters". My opinion is that there is nothing simpler than having a 0% VAT band.

So come on Gordon, we need the veto !

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