Well if The Sun says so, it must be true !

Iain Dale reports that "The Sun" are to report that "They (the government) want to scrap the teaching in history of Winston Churchill".

That's odd, because they chap on the radio from the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) who are proposing the shake up of the curriculum explained that children learning about World Wars One and Two were absolutely vital to history teaching. Anyone who knows anything about World War Two can tell you that you cannot teach it properly without knowing about Winston Churchill.

Also, anyone who knows anything about the curriculum as it stands will also know that it is largely optional and school have the flexibility to teach a number of history units, not just about Winston Churchill, so silly headline claiming that schools are to be banned about learning about Churchill are, to put it simply, utter bollocks.

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JRD168 said...

Just blogged about this myself. I'm convinced that many pupils face too much world War Two study. It's done in Primary schools, at KS3, and then again with some GCSE and A level syllabuses (syllabi - never got that one!). Having a bit more freedom to teach the topics that really inspire kids can only be a good thing IMHO!