Six days that will define Ming's standing in the Liberal Democrats

Whilst I took it upon myself to criticise Ming Campbell for making mistakes in his dealings with Gordon Brown and because he lacks what I would call a "relationship" with the electorate there is no doubting that the next six days will decide Ming's fate.

We all know that publicly the parliamentary party are behind Ming, but should the by-elections on Thursday fail to deliver what the party itself would call a "good" result, the outlook for Ming could be bad.

From comments I have received from Lib Dems, particularly those with contacts, there is evidence of people sharpening knives for Ming just in case Ealing Southall and Sedgefield prove to be less than expected. And this knife sharpening is not just amongst MP's. Peers too are, so I gather, less than enamoured with aspects of Ming's leadership style.

Personally, although I have come out against Ming, I am desperate for Lib Dem success next week. The sounds I have been hearing from Ealing are hopeful (Nothing should be read in to that though and used to detract from the Lib Dem effort in Sedgefield as I know nothing of the campaign there) and a good showing in the by-elections could relaunch Ming and assuage some of my doubts. I do, however, live more in hope than expectation.


Anonymous said...

Well, and what if Gordon Brown calls General Elections while Lib Dems are in middle of a leadership election? Lib Dems would get caught pants down. I think you'll just have to wait and see till the next GE before replacing Ming, no matter how Lib Dems do in Ealing Southall and in Sedgefield.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Brown will not call an election over the summer. Simple as that.