Welcome to China - A crime free state. Apparently

The Chinese Communist Party has declared Jackie Chan's new film "Rush Hour 3" to be un Chinese because it features Chinese people as members of triad gangster groups.

In the same vein the Chinese ordered cuts to be made to Pirates of the Caribbean 3 because it featured a Chinese pirate.

If the Chinese have a view that all Chinese people are law abiding and never break the law, why do the Chinese need a police force at all ?

It is a sign of an immature state that they don't believe that out of 1 billion people, they have no criminals at all.

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Toby Philpott said...

You've missed the point slightly. The CCP are hypersensitive to racial stereotyping.

Trust me, they often show trials on Chinese TV of all kinds of people charged and convicted of commiting crimes including political ones. They accept that there are criminals in Chinese society (some of whom are recent ex-Communist Party chiefs e.g. Chen Lianyi).

The CCP have serious problems with freedom of expression and are unable to accept that anyone non-Chinese can show anyone Chinese in a negative light. Hence the typical comments from Xinhua.

It doesn't excuse their censorship but that is where I think they are coming from.