Tories lack appeal in Midlands and in the North - Says Tory MP

Graham Brady, the Tory MP who left the front bench of the Conservative Party because of his opposition to David Cameron's policy on Grammar schools has spoken out about the Conservative Party's lack of appeal outside of the south of England.

Graham Brady says to the BBC,

"But (the party) has not been making the same impact further away from London - in the north, in the Midlands, in places which really are an absolutely key electoral battlefield if we're going to win a general election."

"I think some of it is about the issues that David Cameron has chosen to focus more on, and some of it is about just tone."

However, ask a Tory political blogger and they will tell you this is not a problem. The problem is though that all the newspapers, the politics coverage on TV and other media sources are now going in to the silly season with negative stories about Cameron running over and over again. This story is not going to go away all summer and it will be recycled endlessly. A few weeks ago the Tories felt that the summer would hear the rumblings of discontent in the press about Ming, but instead it is about Dave. As a Lib Dem, I think I'll enjoy the summer recess.

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Justin Hinchcliffe said...

You're obsessed with Cameron's Conservatives. There are far more Conservative councillors and councils in 'The North' than Lib Dem.

But, as Grady says, there's scope for improvements.