Iain Dale critical of the quality of the shadow cabinet

On the Sunday papers review on BBC News 24 last night there was much talk of the problems within the Tory party, which Iain Dale sought to play day. However, when the presenter Brian Hanrahan said words to the effect that people keep saying

"David David is so good, he'd make a great leader",

Iain Dale replied "Isn't it good that was have someone in the Tory Party who is that good serving in the shadow cabinet. It's a shame we don't have a few more that good !"

I heard it as a dig at the quality of the shadow cabinet, but equally I could accept that I am biased, Iain was tired, and I could be mischief making ?

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jailhouselawyer said...

Recently, I saw a news report about David Cameron, and over his shoulder, in the shadow, was David Davis. I am sure that his face and body language were saying: "That should be me upfront". It reminds me of seeing Neil Kinnock trying to smile through his grimace and look happy about Tony Blair in Downing Street. His face said: "That should be me". Now David Davis is saying that the Tory Party should get behind David Cameron. Is that as in push the broken down car to the side of the road and let David Davis overtake?

BTW, Thanks for the link. I have included your blog in my blogroll.