Lord Black, Lord Archer, how many other crooks have the Tories given honours to ?

Lord Black, found guilty today. Lord Archer, found guilty some years ago. Both, as I recall, given peerages by the Tories. Both convicted crooks, both have been or would be allowed to keep their honours.

Are there any other crooks the Conservative Party have given honours to aside from Jeffrey Archer and Conrad Black ?


Anonymous said...

I don't like this post, Nich. You know as well as I do that their 'crimes' and convictions only came out after they had been given peerages. Your point is? Remember Michael Brown? Have you repaid the illegal cash yet?

Unknown said...

Chalk and Cheese Justin. We gave brown no honour.

Now if we were to put a litst together also of all the crooks who have given cash to the Tories as well, then I'm sure the list would be more extensive.