Sick and tired of the aviation industry bleating about security costs

Am I getting the industry mixed up ? Is this the same aviation industry that flies people to Spain for £19 ? Is it the same aviation industry who can afford to buy new airliners at a massive rate, each costing hundreds of millions of pounds ? Is this the same industry that is making good profits, so much so that the leading airlines are buying u[ foreign rivals (BA/Iberia and Air France/Alitalia) whilst the biggest operator of airports in the UK BAA was recently taken over by the Spanish ?

If you run an airline of an airport, you are also obliged to pay for the associated costs. If I ran a football club I wouldn't expect the council to mow the pitch for me. Why, because it is part and parcel of football. If I ran a nightclub, I wouldn't expect the police to pay the costs of my doormen. So why does a profitable industry like the airline industry think it is exempt from paying for the things that allow it to be profitable ? Good security means good profits. It's called the free market and if they don't like it then they should find a different industry to operate in.

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