I hate toilet attendants

What purpose does a toilet attendant serve ? I don't know if I am giving them the correct name or "job title", but for those who don't know, they are people who stand in toilets in clubs who squirt soap on your hands and urge you to spray yourself with other assorted smelly things.

In reality, what they do is they do a job for you that you are quite capable of doing yourself (dispensing soap) and demand payment for it.

I ought to be able to go to the toilet in a club without being harassed by someone demanding payment and I shouldn't feel like I want to leave the toilets without watching my hands for fear of being pursued by some angry attendant.

One of my friends offered the guy 50p and was told that it wasn't enough. What ! %0 p isn't enough tot squirt some soap on someone's hands ? Crazy.

Please, PLEASE, can anyone who likes toilet attendants tell me why they are a good idea ?


dobson said...

They are liked by nightclub owners - their job is to stop drunk nightclub customers from trashing the toilets.

Norfolk Blogger said...

A good point I had not considered.

Lang Rabbie said...

Umm... being somewhat too antiquated for clubbing, I've only encounted them in London West End bars, but I was rather under the impression that they were mainly there to ensure that the bar owner didn't lose their license for allowing drugs to be dealt/openly consumed in their loos.

Anonymous said...

I hate them, too. I try to avoid bars if I know that they are there. I wouldn't mind them if they were less pushy.

Anonymous said...

They do provide a valuable service- to the owner. The reason they are so annoying is that they are expected to extract their pay from the customer, for whom they don't. The arrangment only seems to work out well for the owner.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we have a community of toilet attendants haters here! Move it to ihateit.ning.com!