Diana Concert - Great event, terrible BBC production

What a shame that the BBC seems to have given the job or putting together the Diana Concert at Wembley today over to some work experience students.

For some bizarre reason, the sound kept going dead between acts (with no voice over to explain), highlights of previous acts kept being cut short, video sequences of good deeds and memories of Diana seemed to be edited in to the gaps rather poorly whilst the sound levels of the artists performing was all wrong. And that's not even mentioning the awful Fearne Cotton (don't get me started there !)

Am I the only person who thought that the instruments kept drowning out all the singers voices ? The George Michael concert two weeks ago from Wembley seemed to get the sound levels right, so why couldn't they do that tonight ?

What a shame as the performers were a really good mix of new and old, varying styles and all of them did a good job. It's a shame the BBC were not up to it today.


george.bonnie said...

Diana Concert...
Rod was THE best,then Nelly,then Take That..Sir John??????????
WELL we didnt get to see him sing "Candle In The Wind" at the LAST..that STUPID CTV all of a sudden went OFF..we are SO disappointed!!! we watched it ALL day and then NOTHING!!!!
So does this mean that we dont get to see the end ..Poor Diana..she would be VERY disappointed!!!

Anonymous said...

And what was Gervais doing there? His contribution was appalling and lowered the tone. It was an insult to the other performers. All we got was an out of place 'joke' about soldiers in battle and him, him, him. No mention of Diana. It killed the atmosphere of the concert. And who started the rumour that he is funny anyway? John

Anonymous said...

i was quite surprised that the worst thing on that show wasn't Jamie Theakston, allthough he was completly dire as a tv presenter.
i cant understand why the BBC couldnt have found presenters who are able to fill time between the acts, and instead resorting to show half an interview, where u cant hear the start of it, coz the sound man has messed up his job, and u dont hear the end of the interview because the act had just come on stage

Stephen Morgan

Starls said...

I dunno - the whole concert was the very definition of 'middle of the road'. And to my surprise it lacked even more atmosphere than the Live 8 concert. I'm not saying that all concerts should be moshpits and glasses of piss thrown over the crowd but this was just a tad too civilised.

The neatly arranged 'pens' for ticketholders, the mistake of (again) having a sparse VIP area at the front and middle aged 'rockers' without any rhythm seemed to remove the buzz that I associate with watching live music.

I honestly think Jamie Theakston and Fearne Cotton were just getting bored out there.

Lewis said...

I have to agree with every comment here,
what a great mix of acts and talent, but you would of at least thought that Ricky Gervais would have prepared some content, he just made a fool out of himself. Another thing, The woman who was presenting with Jamie Theakston kept coming out with stupid things, Quote:
" The atmosphere here is just amazing" " you may think im lying, but im not"

she has now just made us think she was lying by saying that !. Presenters were crap, it really needed some whitty people who could really fill the time. I have to agree with one comment made on this blog that the concert was too civilized. I know Wembly is a big new venue, but should it be milked for everything. Yes it was a long concert, but there should have been an area with people standing up the front, as i found the civilization of the venue just ruined the atmosphere.

Now onto the BBC. the editing was poor, constant silences between acts and the clips were all out of time. The singers were in time, but it would then cut to a clip of the crowd completely out of time.

I really have to agree with some of the forum members that this could have been edited by work experience students.

I feel sorry for the princes as they had organised such a brilliant event, it was just ruined by the lack of effort from the BBC

Anonymous said...

Having more than 30 years experience working in TV production all over the world I was very saddened by the production values of the "Concert for Diana" last weekend. The BBC seem to have relenquished their proud reputation for being able to broadcast the "BIG" event.
The mix of poor production values, inexperienced "C list" presenters, who would be hard pressed to successfully present a childrens program with any credibility, and some dubious choices of acts (eg. Ricky Gervais) combined to virtually doom what was potentially a memorable event into an embarassment for those who obviously worked so hard to put the concert together. Who knows, maybe it is the BBC's mad dash to appeal to a younger audience that has left them with no real talent to present these big numbers. Surely there is still someone wandering the corridors of TV Centre who can present a program professionally without relying on autocue.

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to Roger Hodgson's (ex Supertramp) performance but it was just terrible. Obviously, he has a cold which made him off key...so I get that but WHERE was a band? I would never buy a ticket in England for one of his so-called solo concerts. Rod Stewart's performance was the best and most fun!