The verdict is out on whether Britain's Got Talent - But Ant and Dec certainly have

Although it is against my better judgement, I have for the last few days been watching the slightly excruciating spectacle of "Britain's got Talent", Simon Cowell's latest offering to ITV.

After the rather poor production Simon Cowell put out for "Grease is the word", ITV's desperate attempt to jump on the "find a West End star", bandwagon, I was not sure that Britain's got Talent would be very good.

The odd thing is that the show isn't actually very good. Yes, the panel of judges is a bit more heavyweight than "Grease is the Word", but only because Simon Cowell returns as a judge. Quite why Amanda Holden is a judge, only God, or Simon Cowell knows. Whilst the funny sight of some pensioner asking Piers Morgan what his qualifications to judge were must have struck a chord amongst the vast majority of the viewing public.

The majority of the acts fit the term "piss poor" rather too easily, with the talent show hopefuls only enlivening the production occasionally, most notably some of the more acrobatic acts and an amazing audition from one guy with a stunning voice with the ability to write and play his own music. Oh how Simon Cowell must have wanted to tell him to come back for the X Factor auditions. I'm afraid though the awful tendency to put through to the next round squeaky children singing off key whilst Amanda Holden cries says a lot about the overall level of judging and talent available.

So what is it that makes this awful hour a wonderful piece of entertainment ? Two words. Ant and Dec. Put simply, their charisma, their funny asides, their natural chemistry, laughing with but not too mocking of contestants, basically, a faultless hosting of a show actually helps lift the programme from the depths of banality up to a level where you can honestly tell people to watch it.

Well done Ant and Dec. Although tonight I'll have to record it as I cannot miss The Apprentice on BBC1.

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