Spoiling the ending of new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I've always been at a bit of a loss to understand what some branches of Christianity has against the Harry Potter books.

I used to work with a guy who loved them and read them to his class, then he joined a church who told him they were evil so he stopped. When he left the church, he read them again and realised what we all knew and that was that the churchhe had been a member of was wrong.

In this case, a man has claimed to have got the ending of the book and is trying to tell people on his website as a spoiler to the book because of words the now Pope, then Cardinal Ratzinger, used against the books in the past.

I guess he has a point. After all, we don't want want to read stories about how the bravery, loyalty and friendship of good people can be used to defeat the forces of evil, do we ?


Paddie said...

Too true--I know many "born agains" who won't even talk about the book. I don't see how people who've never read HP can criticize, and yet they do. Don't even get me started about that mother who's trying to get the book banned from her local library. As you say HP is about love, loyalty and friendship fighting evil. And what is evil, a person who uses people, who has no regard for them as persons but only as a means to achieve his ends and add to his power. I've read the books so many times and I marvel at Rowling's ability to weave the most complex concepts into the stories--some that you have to be a "grown-up" to appreciate--dementors--your worst memory--defeated by your happiest, strongest memory; boggarts--your worst fear defeated by laughter; music--the most powerful magic; Harry, one who is pure of heart; who sees evil and faces it down because he is good and because he has his friends; He is protected by their love and the love of his parents--who gave their lives for him; The ideas just pour out of these wonderful stories. Bring on Book 7 and hold the line on these would be spoilers.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for this comment. I couldn't have put it better myself.