Have you tried the New Labour version of Monopoly ?

Bizarre as it may seem, an anniversary edition of the classic board game Monopoly might be made available to mark the end of Tony Blair's leadership. Each of the cards, properties and events are to be beased on real events from the last ten years.

An interesting take on one of the chance cards can be seen above. Click HERE to see what it relates to.

Can anyone else suggest what the other Chance and Community Chest cards might be changed to ?
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Anonymous said...

You have won second prize in a Neo Conservative sound alike competition. Take your £10 from an oil producing country you wish to invade ?

Rob said...

Pay school fees as you can no longer get to go to your own local comprehenseive.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You are assessed for general repairs. However, as a council we will not let you borrow the money so you are forced to sell off your council houses on the cheap.