Sorry Plaid Cymru, it's actually called having good manners

With the opening of the Welsh Assembly's third session today, we read that two Plaid Cymru AM's have boycotted the Queen's visit. Leanne Wood and Bethan Jenkins will visit a homelessness project in Swansea instead.

"As a Welsh person, I do not see how the monarchy is relevant to my everyday life, and to my generation," said Ms Jenkins,

And as an elected Assembly Member, I assumed that you understand the respoinsibilities of the office you hold and the manners to show courtesy in a dignified way for the head of state.

It's all about showing that you are fit for office, and being fit to govern. Silly schoolgirl acts like refusing to go somewhere because they aren't "relevant" is more akin to something a sixth former would do.

My simple message - Grow up and show respect for your office. You may not like the monarchy, but the Queen has little choice in the matter and she fulfills her role with dignity and honour. If you want a Republic, then campaign for one, but don't disrespect the Queen for doing her job !


Biby Cletus said...

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Anonymous said...

I thoroughly disagree. Instead of gazing at some useless spectacle, those two AMs were actually out working in their community - good on them.

Boycotting an event because you don't like the person in it would have been plain rude. Boycotting because the position has no legitimacy or authority is simply a method of campaigning. I'm sure Mrs Windsor is a perfectly charming old woman, but I was never asked if I wanted her representing me to the world - why should I give a damn if she goes somewhere?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Totally agree. And 'poet' Benjamin Zephaniah can go fuck himself, too.