Lib Dems highlight Ruth kelly's incompetence - What about Harriet Harman ?

Well done to the Lib Dems for highlighting in a thorough report the utter incompetence of Ruth Kelly in her 12 months as Communities Secretary. The only problem is, we knew it already.

The problem with going for Ruth Kelly is, to put it simply, that she is bloody useless, everyone knows it, voters, opposition MP's, even the Labour Party, yet somehow she keeps her job. Attacking her is going for an easy target.

The other thing that comes to mind is how similar a track record she has to Harriet Harman. Harriet Harman was, in Blair's first term, an extraordinarily useless Minister, presiding over debacles, cock-ups and failing services whilst always following the party line and hiding behind the spin generated from Number 10 (incidentally, this is the same spin she now denounces - hypocrite ?). It wasn't for nothing that Harriet Harman was also known as "Harriet Harmthem". Yet because Harman went away, hid in the back benches for some time people have forgotten how useless she was and now, she's a candidate for Labour Deputy Leader.

Perhaps Ruth Kelly should take a leaf out of Harman's book, perhaps she should also spend more time in her constituency. Looking at Ruth Kelly's majority, it seems she isn't long for the Commons anyway.

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Antony said...

Well Done LibDems on this - Kelly is a sitting target and should be held to account for her uselessness - it's just a shame that my party don't see the same opportunity. Onloy trouble is that the attack got so little press coverage (a small bit in the EDP as far as I can see!) Should have scored higher!