It'll all come out in the wash

The excitement of the day seems to have been exacerbated by a series of rumours, counter rumours and contradictory rumours all day.

Firstly Iain Dale started us off with news/rumour of another Tory defection to Labour.

Next it was news on the Radio and TV that Margaret Beckett was going to keep her job as Foreign Secretary.

Then it was rumours in all the media about why had got the cabinet posts.

And it has now ended with Iain Dale hinting that Shirley Williams was set to join Gordon Brown's team (presumably ending her membership of the Lib Dems ?)

We might speculate what all this means. However, given that by tomorrow we will know, I'll say nothing and just wait for it all to come out in the wash tomorrow.

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Paul Walter said...

Is Lincolnshire flooded now as well?