Chantelle and Preston split up - Who ???

Two people I'm not really interested in have split up, apparently.

I guess this says as much about Blair's legacy as anything else that two people of questionable talent (I've seen the Ordinary Boys live and wouldn't go again) are somehow front page news in tabloids.

Whoever you are Chantelle and Preston, I'm sure you'll sell plenty of magazines on the back of this news. you never know, you might get a "Hello" exclusive out of it !

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Anonymous said...

Or.. you could argue that it shows that 10 years have Blair have been, more or less, a Good Thing for this country.

For the most exciting thing in the papers to be some dross about z-list celebs, must mean that there isn't anything screamingly bad to say about anything else.

Either that, or the intellectual fortitude of our nation has dimished to pitiful lows: something you can hardly blame the Vicar for...