How will Sven Goran Eriksson Pick His Manchester City Team

Poor old Sven Goran Eriksson. Now he is set to become Manchester City Manager, he really is going to have a dilemma.

When he was England manager, he had an unspoken rule that he would only pick players who played for one of the top four teams plus Tottenham and Newcastle. Now he is manager of Manchester City, has someone broken it to him that he cannot pick Chelsea and Spurs players anymore ?


Peter Mc said...

As a lifelong City fan I'll tell you exactly how:
1. Climb in barrel
2. Scrape bottom thereof
3. Put scrapings in sky blue shirts
4. Send out to play

Starls said...


You might wanna check where you get your images from - the img in this article has been changed for something rather inappropriate (and not safe for work!!)


Norfolk Blogger said...

Now sorted. I don't think that was Sven in the picture.

advokat said...

I think he'll do just fine! I'm Swedish, and I like the man.