Consistency over defections

As I blogged earlier, the Tories are furious about Quentin Davies defection to labour. However, there is a shocking level of hypocrisy from the Tories over defections.

Put simply, anyone who defects to them is fine, but everyone who defects from the Tories should resign and re-stand for elections.

In recent months the Tories have welcomed defectors to their party with open arms and have talked of Lib Dem MP's defecting. Indeed, Lib Dem MP for Yeovil, David Laws, was openly asked to defect by Tory Shadow Chancellor, Gideon Osborne MP.

Senior Tories have claimed that Quentin Davies only defection because he has been offered something in return. No doubt the offer to him was the same as the one put to David Laws (a senior role and ministerial/shadow position)

Isn't this type of Tory hypocrisy exactly one of the reasons why Quentin Davies defected ?

My own position on defections is clear. If we are in a period that is close to an election (less than 12 months) then I wouldn't expect someone who defects to seek immediate re-election. However, anything more than this and I think that the defector should resign and re-stand under their new colours.

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