Has Graham Brady drawn a line in the sand for David Cameron ?

Graham Brady, the MP who took the principled and dignified decision to quit the Tory front bench over his disagreement with "Dave" over the grammar schools issue has spoken again on the subject, referring to the Conservative Party's policy on the subject as "absurd".

What has got to be a worry to Dave, is that people like Mr Brady, who now feels free to speak, will give courage to those in the Tory party who share his views and it will add to the negative publicity the Tories are receiving.

Certainly, the is not the Tories Clause Four moment, as it was being talked of a few weeks ago, but it is a moment for everyone to realise that David "Call me Dave" Cameron is not infallible and there are those in the Tory Party who have not yet been suckered in to his form of bland "Blue Labour" and "We are the true heirs to Blair" vision of the Tory Party.

I was interested to read on Iain Dale's blog under "Quotes of the day", the following from Conservative MP Derek Conway

"People have been prepared to give David Cameron huge leeway for what he is doing to modernise the party, but they feel the price does not have to be selling our souls"

I think for many Tories who have endured a lot of Cameronisation of the Tories because of a promise of victory, the time has arrived to draw a line in the sand.

I spoke to some Tory activist friend recently and I expected them to be very happy with Cameron. To my surprise, they weren't, and i suspect the Grammar School issue has made them happier in that it shows that the Tory party still stands for something.


Anonymous said...

It's Graham Brady, not Greg.

Unknown said...

Thanks Justin, now ammended. The job as my sub editor is yours if you want it ?

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OK and vice-versa!

Unknown said...

No problem. You know I read your blog on a daily basis anyway.