Another Bullingdon boy and his cocaine

Boris Johnson has admitted trying cocaine at University, though like Bill Clinton, in improbably claims not to have inhaled.

Of course, in his university days he was a contemporary of David Cameron, both were members of the Bullindon set, not unknown for trashing restaurants and taking intoxicating substances in large doses (future leaders of the country, don't you know ?).

So when are the stories going to come out about Dave. Are the rumours that Labour have something on Cameron which they are saving for the General Election true ?


Anonymous said...

As a liberal, are you not in favour of legalising drugs?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, you don't actually believe that rubbish that Tories print in their leaflets when attacking the Lib Dems do you ?

Cllr David Morton said...

I really don't like the tone of this post at all. You insinuate without actually having the courage to make the allegation you hint at. You also don't seem to articulate what the problem would be with that allegation. As a liberal why should i know or care what some one did at University. If you think anyone that ever experimented with a Class A drug is unfit for office say so.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I thihnk anyone who has taken drugs ought to be more open about it. I don't criticise boris Johnson about admitting taking drugs, but the claim that "he didn't inhale" is as ludicrous as bill Clinton's similar claim.

The fact is that there are senior politicians who like to lecture others on drugs (and in the past moral probity) whose own life is or was the complete opposite of what they preach.

So we have a right to know ? I guess if David Cameron can employ as his press officer the man who was editor of the News of the World when that paper used phone hacking techniques to expose Simon Hughes' homosexuality, again, a private matter which had no affect on his role as an MP, then he (Cameron) makes himself fair game.

Cllr David Morton said...

I don't accept the "fair game" argument at all. Its the political equivalent of "he started it" and in politics how far back do you go? Gladstone and Disraeli? ( oh and what would the NOTW make of those whip encrusted diaries?)

You have to go back to first liberal principles.

1. Privacy. What cameron did in his pre politics days is in my view private

2. Double Standards. Doesn't apply given Camerons relatively enlightened views on drug reform.

3. Illegality. Well this is where your argument is perhaps strongest as Class A use is clearly against the law. However If its an historic issue rather than current then surely no one should be forced to incriminate themselves.

Where i find your argument most bizzare through is your reference of Simon Hughes. I still remember the Question Time edition after the "cocaine" rumours about Cameron first circulated. The way he handl;ed it was a turning point in his leadership campaign. The only panelist who had a go and said he had a duty to confess was the lib Dem one. A certain Mark Oaten.

All political parties are made up of human beings and as our last leadership election showed we are all capable of flaws.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I am at a loss as to how you don't undersatnad why the Simon Hughes issue was raised.


Cameron can't have it both ways.

As for bringing up Disraeli, that is quite silly. I make reference to things that have ahppened recently not 130 years ago.

Iain Dale said...

Nich, this post is unworthy of you, as I think, if you reflect on it, you might agree.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, I appreciate your comments, but please tell me what part of it is incorrect or wrong ?

Anonymous said...

You imply that Cameron took drugs and indicate that your friends in the Labour Party have 'dirt' on him, but you leave it at that. Not yhis outrageous suggestion. Liberal Democrat conferences, where policy is made, always vote to legalise hard drugs. You may not agree with them, but that's the view of the majority of your colleagues. Do you want me to send you the proof? Actually, this is one policy that I agree with them (being a liberal Conservative). Totally agree with Iain, though.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The only policy I can remember being discussed was the decriminalisation of cannabis, which I think for people taking it for medical need might be a good idea. I don' think it is a good idea though for people in general.

Please do refer me to any party policy which refers to the legalisation of hard drugs.

Anonymous said...





Will get more - dates and motion wordings.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, this is plainly NOT the Lib Dems boting for or supporting legalising all drugs.

The first one is Chris Davies (an MEP) calling for the legalisation of all drugs. Not a policy, not a resolution supported at conference, just one individual MEP.

The second is Jenny Tonge, then an MP, Again, she is just repeating the Chris Davies line. No party support, no conference motion, nothing. No story.

The third is simply the first story written about in someone's blog. I assume the blogger is anyi Lib Dem from the tone.

The fourth is simply Tory spin from their own website. Hardly balances and it is probably where you got the wrong impression from in the first place. Even that sory though is unable to find any party policy that says the lib Dems support the legalisation of ALL drugs.

Sorry Justin, but if we are to pick out random quotes from Tories in the same way then:

1) You all fancy Cherie Blair (So says Boris Johnson).

2) You all park in disabled parking bays (As does Antony Steen)

3) You support Grammar Schools (Graham Brady)

4) You all have sex in Chelsea tops (Like Daid Mellor)

The principle of taking one person's quote and assuming is is party policy is simply wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well, as I said, I will submit more evidence when I get it (admittedly from CCHQ).

To answer your questions:


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Cllr. Morton is in the wrong party! (+:

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, don't fall for the CCO spin. I had an intersting row with a Tory about an issue of aprty policy in the run up to the general election. CCO had obviously told him something that had been superceded, but he could not accept it, even though the Lib Dem party website said so clearly at the bottom of the page.

I can assure you Justin it never ever has been party policy to legalise all drugs.

Anonymous said...

We'll see. Btw, it's now CCHQ - they don't like being called CCO. Strange, but true!