Why would we want to be dependent on these people for our power supplies ?

All of us internet users have become very reliant upon it in recent years. Hardly a day goes by when I don't use the internet for some period of time either to get resources for work, make a purchase, get some information or news or simply to blog. So why does Russia think they can get away with its campaign of cyber warfare against Estonia ?

This is an issue the EU needs to show it has a backbone over when EU officials meet with Russian officials in a few days time. NATO also needs to show some solidarity with Estonia. Cyber warfare is damaging to Estonia's economy and is damaging to the quality of life for Estonian citizens. It should not be ignored or brushed under the carpet.

Russia's actions should also make us all think a lot harder about avoiding the UK becoming dependent on Russian power supplies, be they gas or oil.

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Tristan said...


Russia's actions are unacceptable. We must not let Putin think he can do whatever he likes because we want his gas and oil.