Gordon Brown's coronation will be remembered for what ?

Gordon Brown's coronation will be remembered for what ?

For me it will be remembered for the announcement that his party, the party he will now lead, is going to close 2,500 Post Offices.

Gordon brown claims he is going to spend six weeks travelling the country and listening. he therefore needs to be lobbied again and again about post Office closures, he needs to be shown the devastating effect this will have on rural communities and he needs to have it pointed out that Labour have been highly hypocritical on this issue.

I remember in a local council by-election in 1994 seeing Labour leaflets asking people to sign their petition to "Save the Post Offices" and "Stop the Tory Cuts". This was a by-election held just days after Blair became leader. At the time, it was a popular message in a rural Broadland community that won Labour lots of votes (not enough to win though).

How hypocritical those Labour words sound now.

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