When cars come first for the Green Party

It appears that the Green's policies in Norwich are at odds with what you would expect of an environmentally conscious party to be.

In the Nelson Ward of Norwich there was a proposal to introduce limited double yellow lines on narrow corners of roads in order to allow emergency vehicles proper access.

However, the Green's opposed this because they said it would reduce the number of parking spaces for cars.

Isn't it nice to know that in Norwich and in Nelson Ward, a Ward close to the city centre and served by relatively good public transport links, the Green's think the car should come before public safety and the emergency services.

Norwich Green Party - Putting cars first.


Anonymous said...

No surprise there. The Green candidate for Canterbury at the last General election runs a road haulage business.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because clearly the Greens aren't serious about the environment, they're just in their party for the awesome power.

For pity's sake, why on earth would someone join the Greens if they didn't care about the environment? These smears are ludicrous.

Unknown said...

In Norwich they are the party of "oppostion", if you oppose, if you are one of the "a curse on all your houses" brigade, you get involved with the Greens. The fact is though, when push comes to shove, keeping car owning voters on side on Nelson Ward seemed mroe important.