Latest Scottish Polls show SNP lead down

Newsnight are reporting that a poll for the Scotman has the SNP overall projected seats down to just one more than Labour whilst The Times has a poll showing the SNP down again, with them having two more MSP's than Labour.

Whilst these polls can't be spun as bad news for the SNP given that they are in the lead still, it does show some slippage in their vote and perhaps a sign of concern amongst voters in Scotland about their policies.

Could it be the 1992 election all over again ? Fear of the principle opposition driving people back to the governing party ?


JPJ2 said...

I have always thought that there was a risk of it being an SNP 1992 (though no fault of Salmond), but if it is, in 2011 it will be a 1997 for the SNP

If the SNP are a few seats short in 2007, and Cameron wins by 2010, I cannot see anything other that the SNP having many more seats than Labour in 2011.

jimS said...

You dont mention that the latest poll shows LD down 3%?

Norfolk Blogger said...

And if you had read what I had write you would ahve seen that I reported exactly what Newsnight reported. If you had also seen Newsnight you would have seen that they reported only what I said. They mentioned no % figures for any party or any figures at all for Lib Dems or Tories.

You can come up with conspiracy theories as much as you like, but I can only report what I can find out and unlike some, I don't make figures up.